Anandashram is an ashram built in the spiritual strong area of Bevinkoppa that is known as a Siddha Bhoomi. The places in and around the ashram have a great spiritual significance from ancient periods. The ashram was raised here by Swami Vijayananda gradually as everything kept falling into place with the blessings of Gurudev Bhagwan Nityananda and many other blessed evolved beings.

How the ashram came into existence

The village was never a self-chosen place by Swamiji. He had come to this place during his wandering days after living and serving many divine souls in places around Bailhongal.  Once, he walked down to this place and took shelter near the ancient Mallikarjun Temple (ashram is walkable distance from here). One night when he was sitting at this temple, which is near the Mallaprabha waters, he had a vivid experience of seeing bright lights that he calls "equivalent to thousands tubelights" lit up that area. Later he learnt the significance of the Mallikarjun temple and how it housed a very ancient stone Shiva Lingam. To add to it, there are Bilva Patra trees all around here and a huge neem tree that was indicated by many evolved beings to have a Samadhi of a Siddha under the tree.

It was here that Swami Vijayanand spent numerous days and nights doing the japa of "Om Namo Bhagwathe Nityanandaya" and his only possession was a small photo of Bhagwan Nityananda.  Once after a man with piles was cured by Swamiji's given bhasm (holy ash), word spread around quickly and people began assisting him with a place to stay. Slowly a hut was erected for him in a piece of land donated to him and gradually people came to him with their worries of daily life. Within a few years the ashram flourished, with the grace of Bhagwan Nityananda, to what it is currently. Shortly there after many great spiritual Masters and Saints were found to arrive, visit and spend time at this place.

Visitors from around the world

Today, seekers on spiritual pursuits visit the ashram from all over the world (USA, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany) and from various states of India for spiritual benefits and as a pilgrimage place or for a spiritual stay of rejuvenation and penance.  Most frequent visitors are the devotees of Bhagwan Nityananda who are bonded here with the relevance of the grace of the great Master Nityananda, who had walked into the home of Swami Vijayananda in Manjeshwar, Karnataka, before 23 years of his birth.  Bhagwan's grace can be experienced here in the vicinity of Swamiji and also various parts of the ashram.

Reaching Anandashram

Anandashram is situated in Bevinkoppa village, which is 6 kms away from the bus hub of Bailhongal town that is situated 45 Kms east of Belgaum city in Karnataka State of INDIA.  Since Belgaum city is very well connected with airport, railway station and bus terminals, reaching Bailhongal is at equal ease with buses leaving Belgaum Bus Stand every 5 minutes.  From Bailhongal there are buses to Bevinkoppa as per scheduled timings. The quickest source would be the regular minibus and autos running to and fro every half hour.