Balbhojan was the most fond activity of Bhagwan Nityananda where He fed children and also taught all the time that they should be fed and taken care of. Balbhojan is a regular activity that is conducted periodically. It is also conducted by many devotees on the days of their choice, when children from the neighbouring schools are invited for the meals, that usually consist of rice, dals, a vegetable dish, pickle and a sweet. However, devotees present the balbhojan with their individual preferences in the meals, which is all arranged by the ashram. The devotees either inform by phone or email or in person how many children they would like to feed and on what date and the contents of the food. Accordingly, the said amount for those many children is given to the ashram that then depending on these factors invite the poor school children.




The ashram is beginning a project to start with Arogya Dham that will start with a small wellness center with FREE periodic visits of doctors from allopathy, ayurveda and homeopathy for check-ups and treatment of the poor. The doctors are volunteers from all fields willing to participate in the noble service to the poor villagers. Also, a a basic arrangment for health rejuvenation for ayurvedic massage would begin along with it. The place is just a 5-min walk from the ashram. The project has just begun and if you wish to participate in this project in any way, please feel free to contact us.

Since many children in the village come from very poor families of those who toil whole day in the farms for others, the children are often neglected in grooming and education. Many children unfortunately quit school as they are called to lend hands in the farms by their parents. Few such children who get the aid of the ashram happily stay in the ashram where they are provided with three square meals and the space and recourses to study. Their needs of school fees, books, uniform and other needs are borne by the ashram. Many children have grown up here and later proceeded to find good jobs and independently earning for themselves and their families. The ashram supports their entire education.




Periodically, as and when the flow of funds permit, the ashram gifts school children with their regular needs of books, uniforms, raincoats, school bags, desks, chairs and recreation material. This is either done on the initiative of the ashram or by personal initiatives taken by devotees of Bhagwan, where they personally gift it out to the children as and when arranged by the ashram for such an event. Such amenities are boons to the backward classes, especially since the schools lack educational and recreational systems. Whatever done seems not sufficient and hence the supply is an continuous ongoing effort. This also provides an opportunity for devotees to do personally come and do this seva as per their convenience and capacity to support.

The villages had many houses built of mud or grass that were subject to damage with time or season. Swamiji took up the task to provide as much as possible help with the assistance of Anandashram, Kanhangad and many 2-room houses were built for poor people after identifying the most worthy ones, who had houses either damaged beyond repair or houses on the verge of collapse. This provided a great deal of help for these villagers who did not even have the money to get it repaired. Many such houses are still existent and it is an ongoing lookout to lend a helping hand to them by building homes to the extremely needy villagers.



Cow protection is very rampant in India and so is service to them. Swami Vijayanand feels that when not discriminating between anything is known, there should not be any discrimination between cattle of any kind, be it cows or buffaloes or sheep. He thus came out with an innovative idea of receiving cows and buffaloes from the rich and donating them to the poor, so that they are not only looked after well but they also provide a good source of income and nourishment to the family. Whenever opportunity strikes this plan is implemented to help a rich person with the opportunity of doing the seva to the poor and at the same time a poor person in doing seva to the cattle and also being able to receive an income from it for his sustainence.

Another innovative deed that Swamiji came out with and conducted for the past decade was to present a tree to a home and ensure that it is planted. This was presented to homes with a pledge that the sapling be taken care of. The presented saplings were of coconut tree, mango tree, teak tree, etc, that when grown could provide an income and shade to their family. This also promoted in a greener environment. This seva can be done by donors either by contribution towards the cost of saplings or by directly procuring the saplings and gifting them through the ashram.



Swamiji has hosted, staged, and taken part in many rallies and programs organized by the ashram for public awareness. The events were aimed for social awareness on aspects like health, ill effects of addiction, environment, social projects like building of bridge and roads, etc. It also aimed to spread the teachings of Bhagwan Nityananda with service without motives.

The villagers consist of many teens of marriageable age who do not have enough resources for a marriage, especially the girl's family. Whenever possible the ashram arranges for mass marriages of poor couples who cannot afford to pay the expenses. Donors offer various other items apart from the expenses like presenting with mangasutras, sarees, utensils, etc.




The ashram has been very regularly conducting pujas and havans for the benefit of humanity. There are havans and poojas offered in the presence of elated souls and people across all religion, caste and creed, which is performed for the larger aim of helping the entire race.  All havans like Rudra Homa, Mahamruthunjaya Homa, Gayatri Homa, etc have been performed here by the significant people, priests and communities, thus promoting a gathering of all caste and creed to perform the puja or Havan. Anyone and everyone is always encouraged to participate in these events without any hesitation or reservations of any kind.

Periodically, a visit is made to the hospitals in the area where Swamiji provides the patients with fruits, bread and milk as a gesture of his love and compassion towards the ailing. Most of the time it was on Swamiji's birthdays that the visits were made. The ashram wishes to extend these visits on every possible occasion as a gesture of love, care and compassion towards the poor and ailing. It also encourages the ashramites to witness the practicality of life and trigger feelings of compassion and service. This seva also can be performed in person at any time the devotee wishes to.



The ashram has organized many programs and events which focused on unbiased invitation of religious people and saints to break the hard belief system in religious and caste discrimination.  All havans, pujas, aratis, programs, functions are always open to all and there are no restrictions of any sort, irrespective of whatever event it may be. Sarva Dharma Samelan was one of the biggest ever program that was conducted in the ashram which was participated by dozens of saints and great souls from various community and creed. The main purpose was to promote the message of unity among all religions and faith.

Many times the ashram has organized events in the ashram or got many ashrams of Bhagwan Nityananda together for mass chanting of the mool mantra "Om Namo Bhagavathey Nityanandaya"  These events were widely participated by thousands of devotees of Bhagwan. The Akhanda Naam Japa (nonstop chanting) programs were conducted widely which was eagerly participated by many devotees of Bhagwan Nityananda in Belgaum, Mysore, Byadagi, Mumbai, Udupi, Sirsi, Bhatkal, etc. The ashram also undertook a mission of 100-crore Japa, which was participated and is still being participated by many devotees around the world, who send us their contributions. For more info on this mission, click here.